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- Clean Italian Eating -

Making Pasta
What do We Mean when We Say
"Clean Italian Eating"?


Basically, it comes down to the way our recipes are prepared. At Tutti Noi, we want your meal to be exceptional from start to finish. The way to make sure of that is by preparing our offerings in the spirit of Clean Italian Eating, which means that We…

Source the highest quality Poultry, Meats, & Fish available. We buy from the finest purveyors. Our chicken is organic (Bell & Evans), our steaks are Certified Angus Beef, our fish is wild caught, and seafood is from straight from the New Fulton Fish Market in Hunts Point. Selecting premium cuts for our dishes provides taste that cannot be replicated under any circumstance.

Serve Bronze-Cut Pasta, only. When pasta is made today, manufacturers mix flour and water into a dough that they then push through a mold, or "die," working it into the shapes that we all know and love: spaghetti, rigatoni, etc. Most producers coat their dies in Teflon (a cheaper, non-stick alternative), and the pasta made comes out smooth and shiny, but it doesn’t “hold” the sauce. Bronze-cut pastas are a little coarser, more porous - and, thus, a better surface for sauce to cling to. After all, You can't let all that good sauce to go to waste.

Cook with Fresh Herbs and Organic Vegetables. Dry or bottled herbs can never match the taste achieved using fresh. Dry herbs also contain preservatives and additives that extend shelf life but can leave you feeling unpleasant. Same thing for regular veggies. The pesticides and chemicals made for today’s agri-farming industry were produced with quantity in mind, not quality. We do all we can to source Fresh and Organic.

Prepare Our Stocks from scratch. When we prepare our stocks, we do it the old-fashioned way, cooking beef or chicken bones, reducing mirepoix, deglazing pan drippings, and building from there. Nowadays, imitators use bullion or other salt-rich concentrates as a “base” builder that can create imbalances in the dish, and leave diners with a subpar experience.

Use Caputo 00 Flour for cooking. Using the proper ingredients can add to the enjoyment of your meal. We use Caputo 00 (Doppio Zero) flour. The 00 grade is the finest milled flour available in production. It’s low starch and gluten levels work through your digestive system easier, making your meal more enjoyable, and less of a problem for people with gluten or Celiac issues.

Avoid adding extra sugar or salt to our cooking. Added sugars and salts help with flavor and freshness, but they are not a part of our recipes. We like to allow the cooking process to amplify flavor, naturally, and free of preservatives.

We hope that you enjoy your meal with us, just a little more than at the next place, and come back with Friends and Family. Buon Appetito!

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